Policia dhe Qytetarët

Portfolio Description
  • February 13, 2003

by Arqile Kosta, Nikoll Rica, Bajram Yzeiri, Arben Nasufi

This publication of 255 pages aims to raise the citizen’s awareness in respecting the law. To collaborate with the State Police and contribute in securing individual and social security and public order in general. The book also helps the police officers that have the responsibility to prevent transgressions, investigate crime, strengthen the relation with the public, implement community policing and manage different structures of State Police.

lt is a practical manual, with a simple and understandable language, easily used by the police structures and the public as the basic practices and principles of preservation of order and public security, respecting the Human Rights in the police activities based on universal principles of democratic policing and rule of law.

The publication was financed by FRESTA, in the frame of Balkan Human Right Network program.

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